Snow Removal


Whether it's looking after large retail parking lots, long municipal walkways, or your personal driveway, no job is too big or too small for us!  We have a growing fleet of fully GPS-equipped heavy equipment ready to handle whatever your needs are.

24/7 Service

We know that mother nature doesn't care if it's 3pm in the afternoon, or 3am in the morning, it can snow at anytime.  That's why we monitor the weather constantly, and are ready to respond no matter the time of day.  No need to call, we just show up!

Ice Management

One of the most difficult aspects of winter, is the slippery conditions snow and ice creates.  We regularly monitor all of our sites for ice buildup, and have a fleet of salt trucks ready to dispatch should the conditions warrant.

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Dirt and snow is smart about salt!

Rock salt is an important tool during the winter months, as it helps to eliminate some of the slippery conditions that snow and ice can create.  It can also be harmful to the environment when it is used in excess.

The Smart About Salt Council is a not-for-profit organization that began in the Waterloo Region to educate snow contractors on the effect that salt has and how to improve winter salting practices and reduce the overall use of salt.

Dirt & Snow is an officially certified Smart About Salt contractor.  In doing so, we commit to upholding the principles of Smart About Salt and are actively working to help protect the environment of our community.