Property Maintenance

Grass Cutting

Our crews make weekly site visits to our client's properties to keep their grass cut, trimmed, and edged and looking good.  Our equipment can handle any size job, whether it's a small backyard, or big spaces with acres of grass.  We clean off all hard surfaces of clippings so each property is looking pristine once we're done.

Flower Bed Maintenance

We can also provide flower bed maintenance as part of our weekly site visits.  Our crews will spend time going through all flower beds, removing weeds, pruning any shrubs and hedges as needed, and maintaining garden edges.  We keep all your flower beds in immaculate condition, so you don't have too!

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Nobody likes dealing with leaves in the fall, so leave it to us!  We will make as many visits as needed during the fall, picking up and disposing of all leaves.  We will also get your flower bed ready for the harsh winter, removing all annuals, cutting back all perennials, and pruning back any shrubs and hedges that need it.  We will also come back in the spring and clean up any debris left over from the fall and winter, hard edge all gardens and sidewalks, and get your flower beds ready for any spring planting.

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